Happy Hobbit Day 2013

Thank you all for a most excellent Hobbit Day 2013 celebration!

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Welcome to Hobbit Day 2013 – A Party of Special Magnificence!

Hobbit Day is a celebration of all things Hobbit, particularly, the birthday celebrations for two of our favorite and most famous of Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo. Joining us today are friends and guests from all over the world.

Guest list includes:

Heath Dill: author of the upcoming cookbook “Medium Rare and Back Again”
Dr. Corey Olsen: aka The Tolkien Professor and President of Mythgard
Ethan Gilsdorf: of Wired Magazine and author of “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”
Sue Liang: founder of Asulia Foods, a food company dedicated to organic whole foods and lifestyle
Charlie Ross: one man Lord of the Rings
Greisinger Museum: behind the scenes footage from John DiBartolo’s recent visit to the Tolkien-themed museum
Tower House Preparatory School: drama department who made a full length fan feature of The Hobbit
3 Rings Left: three sisters who bring brilliant vocals and original Lord of the Rings inspired music and song to the world community
Samantha Gillogly: violinist and musician extraordinaire – live
The Green Dragon: pub in Boston
Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship: archery event with guests in full costume
Jef Murray: artist and author joining us and painting throughout the day
Hobbits: Fictional? Sticklebacks!
And more to come!

Please visit Legendarium’s Party Like a Hobbit page for more information and videos on our guests and events.

Heath Dill on Hobbit Day!

Read more about Heath Dill, author of the upcoming cookbook “Medium Rare and Back Again”.

Watch the Mythgard Webathon


  1. this looks amazing! can’t wait!

  2. Avatar of Ron Newcomb

    Should be a great time!

  3. One does not simply dump a box of Lego parts onto a table! (for one of them shall surely end up on the floor only to be found at 2am by a wandering bare foot)

  4. Avatar of The Chadillac

    Cannot wait, let’s do it now!

  5. Really looking forward to it!!

  6. Avatar of theviking

    Yay Hobbit Day!

  7. Avatar of John

    I will have pie & ale at hand…

    ps. and Old Toby too

    pps. and pie…

  8. Last year was such a blast! I’ll be checking in and bringing seed-cakes.

  9. looking forward to being part of this!

  10. I made jam for Hobbit Day! \o/

  11. Avatar of LC Applewood

    Hope you all had a wonderful HOBBIT DAY! : )

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